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Assignment 3 W3C Standards Paper


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As you write your paper, keep the following goals in mind:
  • Work through a recommendation or set of related recommendations to see how a standard is written.
  • Pay attention to who the authors are and what organizations they represent -- why are those organizations involved
  • Look at the broader activity area. How does this recommendation relate to the others in teh activity? What more general conccerns do people have?
  • What is the purpose of the standard? Is it being achieved? What are the objections people have. What does a google search on the topic reveal?
  • What is the status of the standard? Has it been replaced? What did it replace?

After you have completed your review, write up an executive summary of the effort -- about 5 pages. It should help a friend or coworked understand what the w3c is doing in this area -- i.e. it should be understandable to the average person. Write up a 5 slide powerpoint presentation hitting the high points.

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