Firewalls: Exercises

Firewall Lab Exercises.

Problem 1.  Based on the results in this lab, what is the default rule set for this firewall? (Hint: If an incoming packet is not specified in a rule set, what will the firewall do?

Problem 2.  What is the type of this Lucent Firewall IRX router?

Problem 3.  Assume that we have a cooperate network as shown in the figure below.

A specific rule set at the incoming connection from the Internet (ether 1) is required to protect the main office network.  Design a rule set for all of the requirements below with the Lucent IRX Firewall using example syntax from this tutorial.  (Hint: Ordering is important, you may have more or less than 10 rules.)

You need to have rules as follow:

1.  Only allow 2 subnets are allowed to connect to all servers
2.  Only a specific port is opened at each type of server
3.  No ping traffic is allowed to all servers
4. and are attacker’s addresses. Block them.
5.  Deny all inside IP addresses to come in from an outside network.
6.  Port Numbers are:  FTP port = 21,  Telnet port = 23, and Simple Mail Transfer port = 25

The FTP server is