IIS and Server: Submitting a Certificate Request

1. Submitting a Certificate Request. The certificate request you previously created now must be submitted to a CA. You will be submitting the request to the Microsoft Certificate Services server you installed.

Open a browser and enter the address of your CA. This is http://server03r2/certsrv/ remember to replace server03r2 with the name you used. Once there, select Request Certificate.

Then choose Submit an Advanced Certificate Request.

On the Advanced Certificate Request page select Submit a Certificate Request by Using a Base-64-encoded CMC or PKCS #10 file.

Now you have to open the certificate request file you saved to your hard drive from the previous step using Notepad and paste the entire contents into the textbox. By default browse for a file option will not work if you browsing from a Windows Server 2003 machine due to default IE security restrictions. However, it will work if you using a different OS. After you have pasted the contents of the certificate request file into the textbox click Submit to submit your request for a SSL certificate.

Your request will be submitted to the Certificate Services server you installed earlier.

After you have submitted your request you will be presented with a confirmation screen, which will have your request ID and instructions on retrieving your SSL certificate. This information is critical when retrieving your SSL certificate upon it being granted depending on the number of requests the server handles.