IPSec & VPN: Lab Report

Lab report.  The lab report for this assignment should include.

1. Answers to the questions posted in the Preliminary Questions section of this assignment.

2. Printout or screen capture of one of the packets captured with ethereal for part A and another for part B.

3. Include the configuration file that satisfies the requirements of Part A and the configuration file that satisfies the requirements of Part B (or a list of changes that you had to do to Part As configuration). Include a list of the VPN parameters that were chosen by you and their respective values.

4. Explain the information contained in at least one of the packets that relate to task 1 of part A

5. Write down the analysis you completed for task 1 of part B

6. Answer the questions mentioned in task 2 of part B

To capture the configuration of the firewall, open a Terminal connection through the console port of the firewall (as explained in the introductory session) , enter privileged mode and execute the
show running configuration command (The short version is sh run). Then select the configuration text and press Ctrl-C. Open a text editor (like Wordpad) and paste the configuration text with Crl-V. Save the file and include its contents in the report.